Stunt Records

Magnus Hjorth
Blue Interval
Inger Marie - By Myself
Finir l’année avec « À l’Improviste »
Portes ouvertes au Pannonica
J. Dinesen/B. Street/J. Bro/N. Waits
One Kiss Too Many
Peter Fuglsang
File Under Purple
Silvana Malta
Be Bossa
Caroline Henderson
Love or Nothing
Ibrahim Electric Meets Ray Anderson
Vincentz, Brown, Hart & Harrell
Is That So ?
Karin Krog/Scott Hamilton
The Best Things In Life
Oscar Pettiford & Jan Johansson, featuring Stan Getz
In Denmark
Kathrine Windfeld Big Band
Diego Figueiredo
Come Closer
Tobias Wiklund
Where the Spirits Eat